Newsletter: #11 – Summer 2011

The Wonders of the Firefly

Trying to attract fireflies to your yard or garden?

If you are interested in attracting them to your property:

1. Cut down or eliminate using chemicals on you lawn.

2. Reduce any “extra lighting” (photic noise) on your property, as this light interferes with the fireflies luminous signals (i.e., it is harder for fireflies of many species to locate mates in such areas). Also many firefly species are active only during a certain period of the evening. These insects determine when they will flash (i.e., the time of night) by the intensity of ambient light. This is why you don’t see many fireflies flashing on clear nights when the moon is full.

3. Additionally, low overhanging trees, tall grass or similar vegetation will provide adult fireflies a place to rest during the day and remain cool.

While these tips may not guarantee you success in attracting fireflies to your yard, they may certainly improve the odds…

Fireflies are familiar, but few realize that these insects are actually beetles, nocturnal members of the family Lampyridae. Most fireflies are winged, which distinguishes them from other luminescent insects of the same family, commonly known as glowworms.

There are about 2,000 firefly species. These insects live in a variety of warm environments, as well as in more temperate regions, and are a familiar sight on summer evenings. Fireflies love moisture and often live in humid regions of Asia and the Americas. In drier areas, they are found around wet or damp areas that retain moisture.

What Experts say about how Quality Landscaping Improves the Value of Your Home …

Your home is probably your largest investment, and as the housing market continues to wane, it’s important to realize that one of the best ways to increase your home’s value is to invest in high-quality landscaping. This has been reported in many independent sources, including:

Money Magazine: Landscaping can significantly increase your home’s value and selling price. And, it’s the one home improvement that actually appreciates over time as the landscaping matures.

Wall Street Journal: Landscaping gives you a recovery value of up to 200% on your investment—compared to a recovery value of just 75%-125% for a kitchen remodel and 80%-120% for a bathroom.

This Old House Magazine: Landscaping can increase the value of your property by as much as 20% if it is done well.

The Society of Real Estate Appraisers Survey: 99% agree that good landscaping actually causes homes to sell more quickly.

Michigan State University Study: High-quality, professional landscaping adds more value than almost any other home renovation.

Clemson University Report: Quality, professional landscaping could increase the resale price of a home by up to 11.3% higher than its asking price.

Of course the return on investment is contingent upon the quality of the landscape installation. That’s why it’s important to find the right landscaping professional for your project, one who uses high quality materials and understands proper installation.

To this point, the Clemson University report cited above concluded that homeowners who want to increase the value of their property should safeguard their investment by hiring licensed, professional landscape contractors to perform the work.

We would like to welcome the newest grounds maintenance customer!

Cathedral Village is a 34-acre retirement community, located in the Andorra section of Philadelphia.

Cathedral Village • 600 East Cathedral Road • Philadelphia, PA 19128

Garden Tours 2011 … so far …

E.G. Rall, Jr. has been busy traveling the hi-ways and bi-ways looking for inspiration, planting ideas and unique looks for your garden. His latest travels can be found here, click the links for descriptions and photos:

Kykuit, Rockefeller Estate, Tarrytown, NY & Wave Hill, Bronx, NY

Coastal Maine Botanical Garden (2011)

Philadelphia’s Own Bartram Garden

I hope you enjoyed this issue of our newsletter, we hope you get lots of inspiration from our little newsletter, if you have any feedback or questions please – contact us.


Eugene Rall
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