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Our Philosophy

At E.G. Rall Jr., our purpose is to provide our customers with superior environmental products and services.


Our clients are the most important people in our business and deserve the highest level of attentive treatment.


We believe in being the best in everything we do and demand a superior performance from our people in all aspects of their jobs. Think of us as outdoor problem solvers.

Home Improvement Contractor Number – 

PA 010991


As a company, we strive to work in harmony with nature through the implementation of sustainable practices. We collaborate with our customers to create beautiful and unique projects while introducing environmentally friendly methods.

We believe it is important to educate our customers 

on environmental sustainability by recommending

best practices that encourage and inspire creativity.

These practices include incorporating native plant species, reducing the amount of lawn mowing to reinforce pollinator populations, introducing environmentally ethical garden and lawn care to diminish the use of chemicals, and planting trees for shade to reduce carbon emissions.

We aim to control erosion, recharge our aquifers,

and prevent the movement of litter into our

waterways through stormwater management, rain gardens, and subsurface containment.

If you're interested in environmentally friendly ways to improve your property. we would be happy

to provide a free consultation.


Our Mission

To provide our customers with beautifully crafted, visual landscapes that speak volumes about the quality of care chosen by the owner.  


To positively impact and lift spirits, attitudes and   moods by developing an inspiring haven.  


To create an environment that acts as a constant reminder of why an E.G. Rall Jr. Landscape Design project is truly special. 

Our team takes time to understand your

lifestyle before preparing 

a proposal or creating a design.


Our Affiliations

Belonging to professional organizations ensures that E.G. Rall Jr. Landscape Design keeps on top of the latest business trends, technical innovations and product developments in the landscaping industry, not to mention being given access to discounted pricing on premium supplies. This means better, more cost-effective service for our clients.

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